Edith Wilmot Designed To Order



A bouquet is a selection of fresh flowers packaged in cellophane with ribbon bows so that the recipient can unpack the fresh flower and simply arrange in a vase as they please.

Delivered as a "wall of flowers" this selection has a great walk through the door 'wow' factor. It's the perfect choice for those who enjoy arranging their own fresh flowers. They also represent excellent value for money.


A hand-tied bouquet is a free standing selection of fresh flowers arranged by hand and gift wrapped in such a way as the stems are in a "bubble" of water.

Hand-tieds allow us to do all the hard work for you. Simply cut off the cellophane wrapping and place in a vase - have fresh flowers stunningly hand-crafted from the word go...


An oasis arrangement is made in a container of water absorbent foam (Oasis). Just add water regularly, and enjoy the display. One of the greatest things about arrangements is the amount of architectural elegance and structure that can be created from the stiff oasis base. Perfect for set pieces and office arrangements involving the minimum of fuss.

Vase Arrangement

A vase of flowers stylishly arranged can set off any room. Complete with vase - a great keepsake.


A planted bowl is a selection of smaller green and flowering plants in a container that will grow as an "indoor garden".


Bright & Vibrant

Bursting with colour and very eye-catching, vibrant shades may include cerise, orange, lime, yellow, red and purple.

Soft Pastels

Elegant and easy on the eye, pastel shades may include white, pale yellow, pink and lilac.

Florist's Choice

Unsure of what the recipient would like to receive? Let us choose something beautiful and in season for you.



A Classic selection of old favourites - may include Roses, Gypsophilia, Lillies, Carnations, Freesias and others


Fashionable Flowers perfect for young minded people. May include, Gerbera, Sunflowers, lizianthus, lillies, large headed Roses, Agapanthus and others.


Architechtural designs of single colour or flower. May include Anthuriums, Strelitzia, Cala Lillies, Helaconia and Protea and others.