Floral Design Trends for 2021

12 Floral Design Trends for 2021


Flowers have a way of warming up your personal space and making you comfortable. If you are an ardent lover of flowers, you must have paid attention to the floral design trends for 2020. The floral industry is continuously changing, and you need to keep abreast with the changes, especially if you want to rise above other florists and flower designers. Most florists or experts aim to create something unique with different shapes, textures, and colours to bring a sense of comfort into your space. Additionally, other flower arrangements in your home will help bring the shine and design your desire. While floral arrangements demand creativity and aptitude, you must also know the flowers that pair best and the flower vases to use. Well, you do not have to go to extreme levels to enhance your floral design. Let's look at several floral design trends that will be relevant in 2021.


 1. Soft and Neutral Flowers


 One of the trends that you expect to see in 2021 is the soft neutral flowers. You can go for colours such as white roses with cream and silvery petals on the side. They may also have a green hue to emphasise nature and make it look as contemporary as possible. Not only does it give your interior an oxygenating tone, but it also blends in with most of your home assets as it is naturalistic.


 2. Psychedelic Colour Palettes


 Inspired by the '70s floral designs, the psychedelic colour palettes are expected to take the year by storm. Most of them have pink-red petals and green leaves hence giving your room that statement. You can also pair these with a subtle circular flower vase and set it in your room's focal point. If you have none, the flowers will give your room the central point of focus. According to most people, the design provides a great personality and creates a vibrant focal point to the home. 


 3. Intentional Flowers


 The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 took a toll on most people's mental health and minds. It was characterised by a lot of isolation, solitude, and social drawbacks. Some people acquired things to care for, such as pets, while most of them took in potted plants and flowers to nurture. Not only do these plants boost your mental health and make you happy, but they also make your space look more beautiful and elegant. The trend is set to continue in 2021. 


 4. Simple Assorted Bouquets


 While most of these are cut-to-order, you can acquire the personalised floral design. Some of the flowers you can use are purple dahlias, earl grey roses, Ruscus, and white button poms. These flowers can then be put in short flat-based round vases or a container. However, depending on the height, you may have to balance the bouquet's width and height for a great impression. Customised floral designs will still be relevant in 2021.


 5. Gratitude Based Floral Designs


 2020 brought a lot of misery, discomfort, losses, and disappointments for most people. Most people lost their jobs, lost family members, and even lost their sanity due to the pandemic. Gratitude based flowers are a great gift to show your loved one or your friend; you are there for them during these trying times. For the gift flowers, you must check what the recipient loves. If they light up when they see a pink flower, you can get them a pink-themed bouquet.


 6. Bohemian Style


 While Bohemian styles and themes were famous in the past decades, Boho Chic flowers are steadily becoming a popular thing for most people. You can see this from how these floral designs appear on inspiration boards, weddings, and other significant events. These flowers are natural, traditional, and locally sourced hence making a suitable style for your event. The class will create a substantial explosion in 2021.


 7. Cascading Bouquets


 While most people love the standard bouquets, the cascading version is not only elegant but also covers a considerable space on the surface. Additionally, they can create a great statement against the holder's dress or attire. In most cases, they are used for weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, and other occasions. These flowers require lots of wiring techniques to ensure that they do not come off when the holder walks around or flaunts them. Most garden weddings are expected to use these cascading bouquets in 2021. Most people put off their wedding plans in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and social gatherings restrictions. 


 8. The Peony Bouquet Idea


 In the past decades, peonies are some of the most incredible flowers in the garden. You can use them to give the room a fresh spin yet, casual arrangement. Depending on the desired effects, you may use large blossoms to provide the room with the life feeling. Other people can choose to use the flowered cabbage with white hydrangea and then line the middle with some pink peonies. It is a trend that will be relevant in 2021. 


 9. Biophilic Designs


 Still referring back to 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, most companies sent their employees to work from home. As such, most people have adopted biophilic designs with fresh flowers, natural lighting, and plants in their homes to increase the concentration span and make the premise more habitable. According to recent studies, having live plants makes you more productive during work and lightens your mood. You are a happier person with flowers around. While the pandemic is still on, these biophilic designs will continue to exist and trendy even in 2021.


 10. Sunny Days


 The sunny yellow brightens your moods, space, and the room's look. Most florists explore this idea with yellow flowers such as Begonia, water lilies, pansy, sunflowers, and dahlia. In most cases, yellow gives your home or space that illumination, strength, and positivity. Additionally, the bright colours give you a more profound feeling of thoughtfulness, with a sunny and friendly feel. With the suitable flower vases and environment, you can recreate your space just as you desire. Since most people are working from home, the trend is set to explode in 2021.


 11. Spray Painted Flowers


 Fresh flowers are exciting. However, they bring the hassle of changing them when they wither and selecting the right conditions. More people are going for the spray-painted flowers as they require little maintenance and still look classy. They do not droop, fall, or wither. Even better, you can paint them with your favourite colours so that they can blend in with your home's furniture, carpets, and all the other assets in the house. They are cheerfully beautiful and bring a great vibe to your home.


 12. Wild Flower Arrangements


 While they might be wildflowers, they bring a natural vibe to your home. You can go for the whimsical floral patterns with textures such as eucalyptus, pampas grass, ferns, and blooms. You can plant these in a pot, put them in your backyard, cut a few flowers, and put them in your flower vase. Mixing them up would be a great idea to give your space that perfectly and lively arrangement. 




 Flowers are great mood lifters. Giving or receiving them makes one feel great. Whether you choose to have them at the home, workplace, or an event, they serve the same purpose. While most activities intend to get back on track in 2021, you will be able to see more floral designs and trends. Weddings, occasions, and other corporate events will resume.

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