How to make a Christmas Wreath

How to make a Christmas wreath

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. It is a time of year when homes are filled with love, and the magic of the season is at its peak. One of the primary characteristics of Christmas the decorations. Most people look forward to decking their halls for Christmas. One decoration that you will find in every home is the Christmas tree. However, in addition to the Christmas tree, the wreath is also a go-to decoration during the holiday.

What is a wreath?

A wreath is an assortment of flowers, fruits, twigs, leaves, and other materials. The materials are put constructed to form a ring. It is used typically as a household ornament commonly used as an Advent and Christmas decoration. Wreaths are also used in ceremonial events in several cultures in different parts of the globe. The wreath is used as a symbol of eternity. During the Christmas holidays, the wreath is used to add beauty add colour to the season.

The history of the wreath dates back several centuries. Back in the day, early Romans gifted their families and friends with wreaths at the beginning of the year. The wreaths were a symbol of wealth, strength, and goodwill during the new year. The Romans also placed wreaths on their doors as a symbol of joy and victory. Christians also believe that the circular shape of the wreath is a symbol of eternity.

How to make a Christmas wreath


Some markets do sell Christmas wreaths. However, if you prefer to add a personal charm and natural touch to your wreath, you can make it effortlessly using the following steps;

1.Find an inspiration

The first thing you need to do before anything else is to find inspiration. There are several wreath designs. You can look at a few and determine which one would be the best for you. You also need to choose a design that you will not have a hard time creating. Make sure the materials used in the design are accessible to you. However, this does not mean you have to limit yourself.

2.Collect the necessary materials

For a beautiful wreath, you will need things like leaves, flowers, pine, and twigs. The types of materials you need depends on your taste and how you want the wreath to look at the end. It also depends on the inspiration you chose. You will need additional tools like scissors, hot glue, or super glue and tape in addition to the accessories.

3. Come up with a base

The most important part of the wreath is the base. You will need a base material because the most challenging part of making a Christmas wreath is forming it into a perfect circle. Therefore, for the base, you will need a circular tool. For instance, you can use an oasis ring as the base. However, if you choose an oasis ring, you need to trim the needles at the ring's bottom. You can use needles or scissors to cut the bottom part or remove it with your fingers. Note that you can also use a Styrofoam or wire base.

4. Start adding the base elements on the ring

After you have prepared your base, you can start placing the base elements. Make sure you dress the ring in the same direction. Doing so will ensure you get more coverage of the ring faster and effortlessly. Use the glue or tape to add the accessories to the base. Note that you can add whatever element you want in your desired order. However, make sure you do not overdo it because your end product may not turn out as you would like.

5. Add a ribbon to the wreath

After you have added all the accessories and made sure that the wreath looks perfect, you need to let it dry. Give it time for the glue to dry off completely. Afterward, you need to add a ribbon on the back of the wreath. This ribbon will come in handy if you are looking to hang the wreath on display. For the ribbon, you will need extra adhesive. This is because the ribbon will have to handle a lot of weight from all the wreath accessories. Also, make sure that the ribbon is tight enough to take the constant movement of the wreath while it is on display.

6. Hang it

Once the wreath is complete and all the elements are tightly held in place, you can hang it. You can hang it on your door or molding for everyone to see. If you choose to hang it on your door, you can suspend it from atop the door to avoid making permanent holes in your structures.



Tips for making your Christmas wreaths

The following tips should come in handy when making your Christmas wreaths
Keep a container of wreath-making supplies

It is always a wise idea to make a new wreath each year. Now that you know how easy it is to make the wreath, you can do it by yourself to sell, give away as gifts or add some charm to your Christmas holidays. One of the hardest parts of making a wreath at home is gathering supplies like accessories. Therefore, to avoid the stress each year, you can keep a container of supplies just like you keep a box of Christmas decorations. Doing so will help make it convenient, especially if you are looking to experiment with seasonal materials. In your supply container, you will need a thing like;

• different types of wires like copper and brass
• floral tape in more than one colour
• twine, floral pins in different patterns
• different sizes of straight pins
• craft glue, super glue, or tape

You may also need pruning shears, tiny snips, monofilament, raffia, or ribbons if you are looking to achieve a bright display.

Experiment with different base materials

As mentioned earlier, the base perhaps an essential part of the wreath because without it, you would have a hard time coming up with the circle. Below are some materials you can use to make the base of your wreath;

• Wire- Wire is the most comfortable base material to worth with. It is also strong enough to handle the other accessories' weight and easy to attach materials to.
• Twigs- You can also use twigs as the base. All you have to do is intertwine bundles of twigs to come up with one of the most substantial bases.
• Styrofoam- With Styrofoam, you can create a lightweight and smooth wreath base. The styrofoam wreath base is highly attractive. However, it cannot handle a lot of weight on its own. You can cover it with fabric, yarn, and other materials to make it stronger.
• Straw- straw wreaths are made with either padded natural straw or hay. Hay creates a fully rounded base that can accommodate and support a wide range of materials.
• Craft ring- A craft ring is round cardboard. It is usually thin but strong enough to handle and support the other accessories. It is easy to use in different kinds of wreath projects. You can always repaint to craft ring into a new colour of your choice.

Final Word

Making your wreath from scratch will help you save a lot of money. You can choose to repurpose everyday household items or use some of your favourite craft supplies to develop the best and most unique Christmas wreath. There are several styles you can use during different years. This means that you do not have to have the same old wreath hanging on your walls or door every Christmas.

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