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Whether you live far away or just want to see your loved one again. Edith Wilmot Bristol Florist has the perfect solution with our Free Recipient Photo Service. When handing over the flowers we say that the sender has requested a photo of them receiving their flowers*. If they agree, we take one or two photo's and send you the best. A great keepsake idea, perfect for bringing a smile to your face.

Simply click the tick-box on the online order form or mention it when you call (contact us).

*Sometimes - if the recipient is out, for example - we may be unable to take a photo for you.

Only for deliveries in Bristol UK, where recipient agrees to be photographed and is at home at the time of delivery.

Sorry, this service is not available over the Christmas, Valentines or Mother's Day peak periods, due to the volume of orders.

Photographs of some of our Delighted Customers receiving their Fresh Flower Displays