The Ten Most Popular Wedding Flowers

The Ten Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Weddings are special. No doubt. Everyone wants a memorable, flawless and stylish wedding. Besides the elegant wedding gowns, flowers play a crucial role in creating a touch of sophistication in weddings. Wedding flowers act as a symbol of beauty, true love and purity. They are also a reflection of the bride and groom's unique tastes and preferences. To strongly bring out your personality and wedding theme, you can display them in several ways, from buttonholes to bouquets, tabletop arrangements to pew ends and much more, it all depends on your needs.

The flower market is currently flooded with a wide variety of wedding flowers, making it hard to choose the best for this special day. This is especially so if you are not a flower person, and you have no idea where to get started. However, this guide contains a narrowed down list of the 10 most popular wedding flowers today.

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Wedding roses draped on table in a flower arrangement



For years, rose flowers have maintained their place in the social world as a symbol of beauty, passion and love. These beautiful flowers come in different colours and fragrances, and they are readily available all year round. The most popular blossoms are red, yellow, white and pink and are mainly used in boutonnieres, table arrangements, corsages and bouquets.

The red roses signify true love, while the white ones are a symbol of purity and innocence. On the other hand, the yellow roses symbolise friendship while the pink ones show love and gratitude. You can use each type of rose separately or combine them for a more defined and personalised look.

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Tulip wedding flowers and lilly flowers arranged on a table.



Tulips are another popular variety of wedding flowers available throughout the year. However, they are at their best quality in spring. They come in different species with varying hues and scents. The most dominant colours are magenta, red, pink, yellow, white and purple. Tulips represent deep love and royalty, making them an excellent choice as wedding flowers. They can be adopted for table arrangements and other decorations. However, it is important to note that they are sensitive to heat, which tends to blow them open, and are therefore not ideal for body flowers.


beautiful bright bouquet of peony on a wedding table



Peonies are one of the most highly coveted wedding flowers but are relatively pricey compared to all the other choices. They boast of soft fluffy petals and an inviting scent, making them ideal for filling up the bouquet or centrepiece in weddings. Their bright, striking colours, that range from white, magenta, pale pink, purple and light lilac, coupled with their ruffled layered petals, help create an eye-catching visual appeal. Peony stands out as classy flower pieces in any wedding setting.


Assorted Wedding Orchid flowers lying in bowl on table.



Orchids are an exotic flower species associated with high-end luxury, making them an excellent choice for your wedding. They add a touch of elegance to a wedding as table décor or when draped over a wedding cake in a charming style. Additionally, orchids offer an excellent flower choice for the bride's hair adornment.


Wedding daises and wedding roses tied in a bouquet on a table with a wedding present tied in ribbons.



These affordable and easy-to-find flowers are ideal for use in garden weddings, during spring or summer. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes. You can go for the bright daisy flowers or the bold coloured gerbera daisies, which you can use in boutonnieres, bouquets and centrepieces, among other wedding decorations. The daisy flower also blends well with other flowers and acts as an excellent filler or secondary flower.


Group of lillies lying on table



Lily, also known as lily of the valley, is a small beautiful flower rich in fragrance. A small bunch of this flower goes a long way in creating a wonderfully scented wedding setting. It is highly delicate thus sensitive to heat, handling and dehydration. As a result, this flower tends to discolour and wilt when used as a body flower. They are therefore ideal for table decorations, centrepieces or other wedding decorations. However, some people still use lilies in their bouquets.


Wedding chairs with Hydrangeas hanging off the side of each one.



This flower boasts of its beautiful bushy head, which comes in an extensive range of intense colours such as pink, burgundy, blue and purple. A few stems of this moderately priced and scentless flower go a long way in filling bouquets and other wedding decorations. Additionally, a few of its springs can make charming corsages and boutonnieres. You can mix different shades of hydrangeas as per your tastes and preferences for a more personalised look.


Bouquet of white and pink ranunculus and two hearts



Ranunculus is a mildly scented flower which blossoms on a stem with fern-like foliage. It features a multipetaled head that comes in bright hues of orange, pink, white and yellow. This beautiful flower can be used as an inexpensive alternative to roses and peonies. Ranunculus is ideal for use in bouquets and also forms creative corsages and boutonnieres.


Large Gardenia flower in a vase.



Gardenia is a uniquely beautiful flower surrounded by dark green waxy leaves and has a strong, sultry scent. Gardenias form lovely bouquets and are also ideal for use in making an attractive wedding centrepiece. Additionally, they form classy and wonderfully scented boutonnieres, corsages and hair accessories. These flowers are versatile, and they can therefore be used in a wide range of wedding decorations. You can also use them to make beautiful floral wreaths similar to the standard Christmas wreaths in some cases.

Here are a few steps on how to make a Christmas-like wreath for your wedding, using Gardenias.

  • You need the flowers, a floral wreath form, artificial fruits and floral picks.
  • Start by soaking the wreath form in water to ensure that it holds the flowers firmly.
  • Attach your foliage of choice to the wreath using floral pins. You may use one or more types of foliage.
  • Now insert your flowers and fruits, and use floral picks to secure the fruits firmly to the wreath.
  • Your wreath is now ready for use as a centrepiece or as a hanging decoration for your wedding.



Bunch of Stephanotis flowers growing in the wild.


Stephanotis feature star-shaped waxy florets that add a flirtatious touch to a wedding bouquet. To make a bouquet from these flowers, the flower vines need to be placed on a unique holder or wired individually to produce a whimsical piece. Additionally, stephanotis can be used as secondary flowers for a centrepiece or other wedding decorations when combined with other flower species.


Perfecting even the slightest detail of décor in your wedding will go a long way in creating a beautiful day and lifetime memories. Therefore, it is important that you go for flowers that will make a lasting impression according to your taste. Besides beauty, other factors to consider when choosing your wedding flowers include your budget, wedding theme, and the size of your venue.

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